Friday, March 21, 2008

Butt Plug Day

So yesterday was another "first" for me. i actually wore a butt plug...all day.....AT work! i have worn anal beads, but never a plug.

For me, that is a huge accomplishment. i tend to believe that i shouldn't have to do anything lifestyle related at work. Master rarely agrees with that...lmao.

i only have one butt plug that i can actually wear all day without being in total, unbearable pain. Although i threw out all my non-silicone plugs months ago. i do have a couple of new silicone butt plugs that have not yet been explored. i think the new plugs are way too Master tells me that i think everything is too big. Prolly cuz i would classify anything larger than a pencil as being too big...lmao.

i was very nervous at first. Worrying about the plug slipping out or someone noticing it, but it did stay put. It is a huge mind fuck for me though. Since i constantly feel the plug, my thoughts are always focusing on my place and status. i find myself blushing or instinctively bowing my head. i can feel my juices seeping out and keeping my panties moist. And the pain and pleasure keep me constantly aroused.

i had stopped home at lunch time yesterday and was feeling particularly horny. The constant rubbing of the plug had made my asshole sore and sensitive. But it kept me on edge....i wanted to cum so bad. Every movement or position was arousing me...whether i was sitting, standing, laying down, walking, etc. The butt plug was just grating along my sensitive hole and driving me insane. i actually had to pause a few times and control my breathing, movements, and thoughts so that i wouldn't lose my fight to abstain from a painful, pleasureful cum.

The plug was removed at 7:30 i actually endured it for 11 hours. i have to admit that it kept me focused through an entire day of hectic work. i was continuously aroused and my panties were moist the whole day. Arghhh.....i can be such a slut sometimes.

But i did survive the task...even the "at work"


Anonymous said...

Wow that is hot. What kind of plug did you endure? I'm sure that your master was just as aroused as you were that day. You should tell us about wearing anal beads too.

dbutz007 said...

sexy as fuck

angel said...

Ty. Glad you enjoyed reading it.


ajitpd said...

I always wondered about the expereince a woman would have if she wore a butt plug to work. Thanks for the post.

angel said...

You are welcome! Thank you for the comment!

Anonymous said...

How large was the plug?

angel said...

Hi. At that point I used the Tantus Ryder Silicone Plug. It has a diameter of 1.5" and length of 4.5".

I love this plug. It is actually the only plug I have found so far that is comfortable and stays put, especially for long term wear. However, after wearing it long term for weeks at a time, I did have to find a larger plug. I have tried a few, but none that I actually liked.

So this is the only one I ever recommend. If you are looking for something larger, there are a lot out there and tons of reviews. Each person has their own interpretation of what is good, but I wouldn't get anything that isn't silicone.

Thanks for the comment.