Thursday, November 22, 2007

slave's rules

General Rules

1. slave is property of her Master and will always conduct herself in a manner that will honor Master’s name.

2. slave is to always address Master as Sir or Master.

3. slave is to greet Master with a kiss and then bow her head respectfully then kneel waiting instructions.

4. slave is to wear her necklace 24/7 as slave’s pledge of commitment to her Master and O/our relationship.

5. slave is to be at home every evening by 10:00 pm unless she has Master’s permission. Master must be notified of any curfew that will be missed prior to 10:00.

6. slave must seek Master’s permission to leave the house after 10:00 pm.

Dress and General Appearance

At Home

1. slave is to remove shoes and socks at the door immediately upon entrance to the house.

2. slave is to remain barefoot or in 3” heals.

3. slave is to be attired in collar and cuffs (wrist and ankle).

4. slave is to wear shackles after curfew and on weekends.

5. slave is to be naked or in Master approved lingerie.

6. slave is not entitled to use the bathroom after 10 pm until after she has emptied her bladder for the first time the following morning into a cup. If relief is needed after 10 pm, slave may pee into a cup.

Personal Appearance

1. slave shall have no body hair except which grows from the top of her head, eyebrows, and arms.

2. slave’s hair must be kept at a minimum of shoulder length.

3. slave’s nails (both finger and toe) must be polished and manicured at all times.

4. slave shall never leave residence absent of lipstick and eye liner.

5. slave shall never wear more than one earring per ear.

6. slave will have nipples pierced at all times.

7. slave will have clit pierced at all times.

8. slave shall never alter physical appearance without Master’s permission.

9. slave will go to the gym at a minimum of 3 days a week and work out for a minimum of 30 minutes per visit.

Dress Code

1. slave’s bras and panties must always match and be sexy.

2. slave may never wear a sports bra except while at the gym.

3. slave is only allowed to wear thongs.

4. slave is not allowed to wear panties when wearing jeans or shorts. The exception is when slave is at the gym or wearing shorts for a pedicure.

5. slave is to wear a dress or skirt when the weather is above 85 degrees.

6. slave is to wear thigh highs in the winter months when warmth is required.

7. slave shall wear shoes with a min 1” heal while out of the house and not at work. This includes sandals and boots. The exception is when slave is at the gym or in snow and icy weather.

Sexual Training

1. slave may not touch or masturbate unless otherwise ordered by Master.

2. slave will never have anal sex with another.

3. slave will never penetrate fuck holes without Master’s permission.

4. slave will never cum without Master’s permission.

5. slave is to practice blow jobs and deep throating 3 times per week for a minimum of 15 minutes per practice session.

Household Training

1. slave is to keep residence clean and presentable.

2. slave is to save 25% of her take home pay monthly.

3. slave may not purchase or spend more than $200 without Master’s permission.

4. slave is to furnish her finances to Master monthly, this includes:
a. Bank account balances
b. Credit card balances

Updated January 24, 2010


Anonymous said...

I want a master that will make me do my nipples and my clit perciest. And a master that will train me in every thing.

angel said...

There are many out there that would jump at the chance to respond to your wishes. Please take the time to find an experienced Master that seeks the same type of goals as you do. A good relationship starts when the bond of trust takes hold. Be patient in your search and you will find what you seek. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I agree with some of the rules and my master does too. He called me into the room to read them and actually gave me permission to give my opinion! He is asleep in bed right now. Shh! Tehee! So I decided to comment and some of these rules... Well, master says and I quote "That shit is REDICULOUS!" Well, I'm tired so... Goodnight.

angel said...

Okay, well you did make me laugh with your comment!

First let me say that there are so many different types of bdsm relationships out there ranging from mild to intense to extreme. And each one differs and varies to the needs and wants of that specific relationship. I have seen some pretty crazy relationships out there, but hey....even though it wouldn't interest me, it seems to work for those involved. I don't believe there is a "right or wrong way" to have a bdsm relationship. I believe it is totally an individual choice.

I am sure that many people wouldn't be interested in experiencing some of the things that I have engaged in over the years, and that's their choice. But there are also things that I have seen others engage in and I really wouldn't want to try. And then again, there are many things that I had said that I never wanted to explore, but actually enjoyed when I did experience them.

That being said...I think it's important to understand that the rules listed here show the depth of a 12 year relationship. The dynamics of the relationship changed immensely over the years. So the rules you are reading here now greatly differed from the rules that were in place during the early years of the relationship. However, I don't think I ever saved the previous rules along the way there isn't anything in writing to look back on and compare.

It is interesting to see what people interpret as extreme. Some people think piercings or needle play is extreme....or maybe cutting or branding for example. But to me, those weren't extreme...they were just a natural part of the growth of the relationship. I may not have always agreed or liked some of my rules along the way, but it wasn't my choice and they really did serve the purpose at hand at the moment.

You may feel the rules are extreme, and you are welcome to your opinion. But then I see your comment and think wow....she actually needed permission to give her own opinion on a post? me that is ridiculous. I have always freely voiced my own opinion not only in my own blog, but anywhere else as well.

But I really don't judge other people's choices. It's whatever works for them!

I wish you both well on your journey....whichever way it may take you!

Thank you for the comment!

Anonymous said...

what kind of blowjob and deepthroat exercises do you have to complete?

angel said...

Hi. I would practice on various toys of different lengths and widths. I would also check out the hints readily available from internet searches.

Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

i am single but would love to find a master like this to control me in life. Thankyou for sharing this and wish you so much in your wonderful relationship x

cass ross said...

This one only has 10 rules. she is not sure she could remember them all, if she had more.

angel said...

Hi Cass Ross. I never started out with that many rules. As the relationship grew over 12 years, so did my Rules List. At the beginning of the relationship, a few rules were introduced. Later on down the line, new rules were added and old rules were modified. But by that time, my old rules had already become habit and I would only have focus on working the new rules into my normal lifestyle. So it wasn't really hard for me to remember them all.

Thank you for your comment!

Anonymous said...

I have just entered I'm a Master/slave relationship. I like your rules, we are working on our rules now. This will help. Thank you.

angel said...

Best wishes in your new relationship!

Anonymous said...

I am on day ten under my owners command. It has been amazing and also very trying all in the same breath. When I look at your rules I realize mine are much more tedious and there are quite a few more. I believe this is because he is still in the "training" faze with me and is making sure I ca hold down the simplest of tasks. What this also does is overwhelm me, I feel like there are so many things to remember, I am nervous that I won't succeed or won't completely please him and he will dispose of me and our agreement.
My master is an amazing man who is very attentive to my opinions ad thoughts but only when he wants the to be heard. Master has asked me to start journaling on a daily basis as a means to express my thoughts and emotions, I am excited to do this and for it to be a new way for us to communicate.
Master has recently told me that he feels I am not focused properly, it makes me sick to know that he doesn't feel properly served but on the same token I am not sure what else I can do to ensure his satisfaction in me. He is a very demanding master who wants my 100% focus at all times. At this point I feel like I am constantly wondering if he wants to find another. I would do anything he asked of me and already have, I do feel lost without him and his commands. I love this lifestyle and the ability to become ones slave.

angel said...

Hi. There is a lot going on in your life right now and a lot of change. It is always overwhelming when trying to adjust to new rules. No true slave wants to fail at any task or fall below her Master's expectations. I have also tackled many tedious rules along the years and sometimes it is hard to even accept that it is necessary to do them. But it really is a control factor.

Don't be so hard on yourself. It is a lot to undertake in just ten days. The rules will eventually just become part of your everyday life and you won't even have to think about them.

You cannot live in fear of failure. It is not a healthy head space. Everyone makes mistakes along the way...including Masters. It is his job to train you correctly and find different approaches if you are not responding to something in particular. He should praise your accomplishments and not only focus on the bad. I know that some people are going to freak when I say this...but if he "disposes of you" for your failure when you are truly trying, he isn't much of a Master. If he decides he wants another, there is nothing you will ever be able to do to please him....but he will justify his actions by your failure, instead of taking responsibility for his own actions.

When he is open to discussion, you should ask for help where you feel it is needed, although he should already see that and be addressing those areas. When a Master makes a statement telling his slave that they are not focusing properly, he needs to back that up and explain the issues and areas which specifically need to be corrected and hopefully add his insight with steps to help her get to where he wants her. Right now you trying with all your heart to please, yet you don't know what else you need to do. Hopefully he will work with you on that and give you the tools to succeed. A girl reflects her Master's training and it is up to him to take her to the level he wants and needs.

In all honesty, 100 percent focus constantly is unrealistic. We live in a vanilla world with a lot of outside influences (work, family, etc.) that interrupt our so called perfect Master/slave lifestyle.

I have lived this lifestyle for many years and have seen a lot of different types of relationships and dominants. His level of experience and commitment will show in his training.

A journal will give you a great outlet to communicate and truthfully voice your concerns and frustrations. It will allow you to talk about issues freely and hopefully he will read your concerns and work on them.

Hopefully things will settle down and the communication will open so that he will train you to be exactly what he wants.

Also, my email is listed on the page if you would rather email me privately regarding any concerns.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi, what kind of necklace/do you wear? What's it made out of, and do you shower/sleep with it on? Have you ever gotten a rash from it?

Thank you.

angel said...

My necklace was a simple gold box chain with a gold open floating heart. Because it was a normal piece of everyday jewelry, it did not raise questions or interfere with any type of outfit worn and was fine to wear at work. I am allergic to most types of metals, so my necklace was made of 14kt gold that allowed me to be able to wear it 24/7 without any problems (and no it was not removed for showers or sleep). Many years ago I had worn a very cute braided leather anklet with a heart lock on it. However I had issues with reactions when trying to wear it 24/7, especially when it got wet from swimming or showering.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask why you'd have to pee in a cup??

angel said...

Hi. No reason really except it was just another control factor for him. A type of reinforcement that showed even a normal daily function was his choice, not mine. Different dominants tend to like to control different aspects of life. I have read that some slaves were required to ask permission whenever they needed to use the bathroom. So it was just another aspect of control to keep the mind focused that is was owned property and did not have the freedom of choice. Much like requiring permission to eat specific foods or to go out with friends for example.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a Master and I'm curious about something that's not really stated in the rules. If your Master orders you to undress in front of someone other than himself, or perform sexual acts on someone other than him... Are you allowed to say no? Or must you obey and do what your Master commanded to the other person?

angel said...

There are so many interpretations as to what a “pet”, “submissive”, or “slave” is within the BDSM lifestyle. Basically though, it comes down to what works for you and your dominant.

Technically many will support the view that a submissive is allowed “limits” to what they will participate in and a slave does not have those choices. When I was a submissive, I had many “limits” which fell away over the years but I never would even entertain the thought of sharing my Master with another or being shared myself. Even when my dominant at the time chose to steer my life to slave status, he still knew my viewpoints on that. Although it was ingrained deeply into my mind that I didn’t have any choices anymore as a slave, if my dominant had decided to push me into being shared or performing for another…..that would have been an immediate relationship-ending move for me. It is totally different to push a girl past her comfort level in regards to needle play for example….than it is to have her perform for another. There are many BDSM relationships that embrace the type of lifestyle where the slave is forced to serve other people sexually. If that is acceptable to both, that’s fine for them…..just never what I will get into.

What I expect from a BDSM relationship is the same commitment from a dominant that I give him. I put my heart and soul into a relationship and truly want to please him in every possible way……but him only…no others. I guess my viewpoint is that if I can’t give him everything he needs and vice versa, then we shouldn’t be together. Dominance is as much of a gift as submission is, and should not be taken lightly. I find too many “so called Masters” think that by declaring themselves a “Master”, they think it’s an easy way for them to get kinky sex whenever/however they want. Many have never even had real life experience. What may sound erotic online, can be very different to physically live it.

That being said, there are some questions about the type of relationship you are in. I don’t know how long you have known each other or how long you have been in the relationship….but hopefully there was much discussion as to what you both were looking for beforehand. It is important to take the time and really understand what both want out of the relationship. Any real Master knows that it takes time to develop the trust level needed allow a relationship to grow. If you have not talked to your Master about this, you should. If that is not what you wish to experience, express that to him. If he truly cares about you and your relationship, he will take your concerns into consideration and work something out that is acceptable to you both. If he just dismisses you because u won’t serve another, then there was never a caring relationship there.

I wish you all the best. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

My master whips my boobs with a cane twice a week

Anonymous said...

How were ur hairs earlier? Did he make u cut them? Change colour or anything??

angel said...

Hi. The only restrictions I have ever had on my hair is the length. I believe that many Masters, including mine, prefer hair longer or at least shoulder length. I think they just need to be able to grab a handful of I have cut my hair in different styles, colored, and highlighted it, but out of respect I do ask and discuss the ideas that I have first before making any major changes. I do know that some Masters believe they need to strip their girls of everything.....including cutting their hair very short or even shaving their heads. In day to day life we do base a lot on our outer appearance and in my opinion, that is a drastic move to try to strip a girl of her individuality. My Master respects the fact that I work in a Management position and would never jeopardize my work. Thank you for your comment. Best of luck!