Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Another year has flown by!  Master and I wish you all the best for 2016.  We hope it is an amazing year for everyone!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Master and I would like to wish everyone a healthy and Happy New Year.  We hope that all your dreams and wishes become a reality in 2015!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

We hope 2014 is an awesome year for everyone!

Monday, December 2, 2013

December Already

This year is just flying by.  Can't believe it is already December.

Hope those who celebrate the holiday had a great Thanksgiving.  There is so much to be thankful for in life.  It's nice to step back and think about all the special people who surround us and share our journey in life.  We had a great holiday and then were able to sneak away for a weekend of intense kink.  I am still smiling...and moaning and

If life ever slows down even a bit, I would love to get some time to write again and share some bits of our amazing journey.  I still do answer all the emails I continuously receive, whether they are general questions about the lifestyle, references to a previous post, or just keeping in touch with the many regular readers.  But there is so much more going on that would be nice to share with everyone.  So hopefully soon....maybe after the holidays.

I keep smiling....

Life is still awesome....

He is amazing and I couldn't be happier!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Amazing Summer

Just a quick update....

I can't believe the summer is over already, but it really has been awesome!

Our relationship continues to grow as we explore and share so many different experiences. We even got in a few outside bondage and play weekends this summer which was great timing to break in some new We make each other smile and truly appreciate what we have together.

I know i haven't posted in awhile, but hopefully I will be more consistent with that very soon!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catching Up

Wow......I haven't posted in over a month. Time is just flying by....but I can't be happier.

Life seems crazy these days.....never enough hours in the day...but that's okay. The days are filled work, the gym and kink.......a lot of kink!

He has taken my mind, body and soul to new heights. He knows when to push....and when to wrap his arms around me to make me feel secure. He has more faith in me than I do in myself. I want to please him and succeed in whatever he sets out.

Yes, it is possible to be a slave who is appreciated. That may sound strange to some, but it is true. I can look back over many years and realize that being a slave doesn't mean you should end up feeling worthless, unappreciated, and miserable because you are trying to please someone who themselves are just miserable in their own life. You cannot make someone happy if they don't allow themselves to be happy, no matter how hard you try. There is so much more to life than to waste precious time.

And I do not take being appreciated for granted. It doesn't mean that my submission is less or that I am not serious in my commitment. But it really is nice to know that my efforts mean something. I give my heart and soul in a relationship....and that should be returned.

Being with someone who is strong, dominant and caring is truly a gift. Someone who approaches life with a positive attitude. Someone whose strength, experience and insight allow me to trust so deeply without reservation, that I have grown more these past months than I have in years. Dominance is as much of a gift as submission is.

We play hard. He loves to push me past my comfort level...but I trust him, even though trust does not normally come easy for me.

I know that I keep saying it...but damn I smile all the time

I will have to update soon on some of the more kinky

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Zero To Submission In 5 Seconds

I don't know what it is about sound play that instantly sends my head floating.

When he reached in the toy bag and pulled out the sounds, I let out a moan and I swear that I stopped breathing. The look on my face had to have been a mixture of anxiety, vulnerability, and arousal which just made him smile. He caressed my cheek as his other hand ran through my hair. He tightened his grip on my hair and raised my head until our lips met. I just melted.

He attached my cuffs so I was spread eagle across the bed. His hands running across my body....calming my breathing. His mouth moving to suck and bite my nipples as they quickly hardened. My back was arching off the bed and I was squirming hard...and dripping wet. He joked when his hand ran across my wet pussy and inserted a few fingers...telling me that he didn't think I needed any lube.

My head was already starting to drift but I was quickly brought back to reality as I felt his gloved hands cleaning the area and applying some sterile lube. My breathing elevated as he spread my lips and teased the opening to my urethra. I tensed as the cold, lubed sound started to enter. He paused and told me to enjoy it...and waited for me to settle down. I moaned as it entered...stretching me open. I don't think it was more than a few seconds when I felt my body erupt into a huge orgasm. He laughed and said I had no restraint. And he is right when it comes to sound play...I don't! Normally I am good at holding back and controlling my orgasms....except when playing with sounds.

He continued to work the sound up and down my urethra...bouncing it off my bladder, pushing deeper. It's so hard to explain the sensation. An intense burning, scraping, stretching type of sensation. Almost feeling like it is being ripped or cut. But my body just repeatedly exploded time and time again with intense orgasms. My head was floating hard. I couldn't even focus on talking. I was just moaning and screeching. Begging and pleading for mercy...yet at the same time for's such a head rush. I remember different sizes being used, stretching and opening me more each time. I don't even know how long it went on, although it seemed like a very long time.

The session definitely aroused him as much as me because he was rock hard and the sex that followed was totally awesome. The combination of pain and pleasure was intense. I wanted and needed to be taken hard...and he did.

Life is good! No actually...Life is great right now.